The Boroujerdi House


The boroujerdi house is a historical house in Kashan, Iran, that was build in 1857. This house was build by Ustad Ali Maryam for a bride of Haji Mehdi Borujerdi. This house is consists of a rectangular beautiful courtyard, many delightful wall paintings and also three 40 meter tall wind towers with six sided that can help cooling the house to unusually cool temperature. There is 3 entrances in this house, and all entrances have the classic sifnatures of traditiona; Persian residential architecture. This house need 18 years to complete its construction and use 150 craftsmen to do the construction. These days, the boroujerdi house already experience a small amount of renovation and alteration from its original structure. This house is trully a masterpiece of Persian traditional residential architecture. This house is very famous because there is an unusual shaped of wind tower that made of stone, brick, sun baked bricks and a composition of clay, straw, and mortar.

The boroujerdi house have three entrances. The entrance to the building has an octagonal vestibule with a multilateral skylights in the ceilings. Then, near the entrance, there is a five door chamber that intricate plasterwork. A vast rectangular courtyard that open up is also following behind the narrow corridor. There is a pool that flanked by trees and flowerbeds in the courtyard of boroujerdi house. during winter season, there is two rooms that mostly utilized because the rooms receive a high amount of sunlight that can warm the room. There also a kitchen, several rooms, and stairway to basement on the east and northeast area of boroujerdi house. the basement get a flow of a cool air from the wind towers. When people go to the southern side of this house, they will see a large hall with a lot of reliefs, artistic carvings and many windows that usually used to hold a celebrations.

Sefid River Iran


There is a river in Iran that has 670 km long and rising in northwestern Iran. Sefid River Iran flowing from the northwestern of Iran until the northeast to meet the Caspian Sea at Rasht. Sefid River Iran is known as the second longest river in Iran after Karun River. There is a water gup in Sefid River Iran that cut through the Alborz Mountains and capturing two headwater tributaries and widening the valley that between the Talesh Hills and the main Alborz range. Sefid River Iran also known as a White River. Before entering the Caspian, there is a wide valley that cut the transportation and irrigation canals of Caspian before Sefid River Iran entering the Caspian. In 1962, Sefid River Iran was dammed by Shahbanu Farah Dam. This person create a 1.86 cubic kilometers reservoir and are allowing the irrigation. But this dam make a negative impact for the fisheries industries because the river’s stream flow are reduced, the water temperature are increased and the food availability are also decreased.

But there is a news that said the water inside Sefid River Iran are starting to be in crisis due to the cliate problem that happen these days. People need to be more concern about the condition of the river that become an attraction for people who visit Iran. The condition around the Sefid River Iran is a bit worse since the lands is always dry during the summer. There is two major factors that give some contributes to the water supplies. It is because of the jungle destruction and also livestock overgrazing. There is should be a water resources managers and environmental activists that can treat the natural resources as their beloved family members so the water will never drain and the Sefid River Iran will still able to flowing the water.

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