Invisible Browsing VPN, or more commonly known as ibVPN, is one of the most affordable VPN service providers available today. It was launched in 2010 by a group of internet security experts who wanted to provide anonymity and privacy when browsing various websites on the internet and using various online services and applications. The team originally came together back in 2003 to begin work on a lightweight proxy client and gradually developed their services until they launched their VPN service 7 years later. ibVPN has since established a wide client base and currently has over 90 servers which offer more than 2000 IP addresses in over 30 countries from all over the world.


How it Works.

ibVPN establishes a tunnel that is encrypted between their VPN servers and the devices used by clients allowing their clients to transfer data to and from the internet without revealing the actual IP address as ibVPN replaces it by using one their many IP addresses instead in order to protect a user’s identity and anonymity when browsing online.

Additionally, ibVPN also protects its client’s confidential documents from hackers that wish to obtain it illegally. It also bypasses various server restrictions and limitations that have been set by your local service provider providing its clients with full access to all their favorite websites and online programs from anywhere in the world.

Plans and Pricing.

ibVPN offers to its clients 11 different types of plans to its clients each coming with different combinations of available server locations, Torrent VPN, Smart DNS inclusion, or solutions for multi-user accounts. There are 3 plans which are dedicated to VPN services only and all the three plans cost the same amount, which is $4.95 monthly or $36.96 yearly the locations being the main differentiating factor whereby users from the U.S. and Canada have 17 servers available to them, users from the U.K. and Ireland have 9 servers available to them, and EU users have 28 servers available to them in 19 different countries. ibVPN also has a huge variety of payment options and also comes with a 15-day money back guarantee.

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Available Coupons.

The best coupon offers currently available for ibVPN subscriptions are the ones from Coupon Lawn and Coupon Ninja. Coupon Lawn offers a coupon for 50% of on all items using the coupon code 50multiVPN and 30% off on all yearly signups using the coupon code 30OFFPROMOAB. Coupon Ninja offers a coupon for 50% off on all items using the coupon code HAPPY5COUPON, 30% off on select orders using the coupon code 30OFFPROMOAB, and 30% off on select items using the coupon code vpncoupons2.

Features of ibVPN.

– Device Compatibility – ibVPN is compatible with devices that run on Linux, MacOS, Windows, Android, and iOS devices. Other systems such as Xbox, PlayStation, Apple TV, Roku, DD-WRT, and Sabai routers are compatible with it.

– Auto Reconnect – When there is a disconnection, the auto-reconnect feature automatically reconnects users back to their ibVPN connection. This feature can also be turned on or off depending on a client’s preference.

– P2P Access – ibVPN allows full access to torrents and P2P applications for users who are on Luxemburg, Canada, and Netherlands servers. It also offers a premium torrent VPN plan for those who require the VPN services specifically for torrents.

– Server Switching and Unlimited Bandwidth – ibVPN provides its clients with unlimited bandwidth allowing them to use their VPN connection however and whenever they require. Their clients are also allowed to connect or switch to any of ibVPN’s 92 servers anytime they want.

– Kill Switch – This feature automatically shuts down all online applications that are active when an unexpected disconnection to a VPN occurs. This kill switch feature is mainly designed to protect a client’s anonymity and privacy when he or she is disconnected from a VPN connection.

– Smart DNS – ibVPN’s SmartDNS services enables access to a client’s favorite TV channels that are not allowed at their locations when using regular internet speeds. The SmartDNS services utilize proxy servers in order to route traffic without the use of an encryption tunnel making it very ideal for streaming videos online.

– No Activity Monitoring – ibVPN does not maintain or keep any of their clients’ activity logs in order to protect their privacy. However, they still maintain a brief record of time, date, and location of where a VPN connection was established, the total bandwidth usage, and how long the connection was up during 7 days.

– Packages and Plans that are Customizable – ibVPN provides its clients with different types of packages and plans to select from. The numerous plans and extensive price ranges available have been designed to suit any budget type.

– 6-hour Trial. – ibVPN features a free trial version for 6 hours with no bandwidth restrictions but each user has only one free trial available to him/her.

– Customer Support – ibVPN has made available to its clients’ 24-hour customer support via email, live chat, and ticket support. There is also a knowledgebase section, FAQ section, and a scheduled remote assistance section.


ibVPN is packed with lots of features that most VPN users look for in a premium or standard VPN service provider. With its various packages, plans, features, and protection services that earn it an overall rating of 5/5, anyone looking to subscribe to this excellent VPN service provider can easily find a plan that fulfills their requirements and needs. ibVPN is highly recommended for anyone who is looking for a VPN service that is flexible, reliable, and full of various options to choose from.

Siteground is a hosting company that is known for its speed, great support and reliability. This company supports a wide range of the most common features that clients want including the incorporation of WordPress hosting services. The company was established in 2004 and has had a tremendous journey, growing from a basic hosting company to a fully-fledged business that has over half a million sites to their name. There are many benefits guaranteed for clients who choose this hosting company. The focus of this piece will however be specifically on the benefits that clients get by using Siteground coupon codes.

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Siteground Coupon 2017

Great Savings

Siteground coupons offer up to 60% discounts on new accounts. The company has shared, cloud and dedicated hosting. Cloud and dedicated hosting often times use a lot of resources and cost more than basic hosting. Normal prices for these two services can be as high as $250 a month. When added up over a one-year period, the cost of hosting can be quite high especially for new customers. This is why one of the best ways of minimizing costs is to use verified coupons. Siteground coupons offer a huge discount for the first month of a long-term subscription.

Benefit from affiliate programs

Using coupon codes also gives you a chance of helping others use them. Siteground particularly offers affiliate programs for website owners where they can get commissions by helping people sign up with them. This is done by providing links to the platform on your websites. This kind of partnership can also be an additional stream of income for you as web business is all about numbers. If your business performs well and you are able to redirect some clients to Siteground, you might even find yourself getting a good amount of cash that subsidizes your hosting fees fully.

Gain online credibility and visibility

The online marketplace can be unforgiving, especially to new entrepreneurs. Any profitable online company gets its income because is visible enough to a big audience of potential customers. Sometimes, becoming visible can take up a lot of time and resources. One way of increasing visibility is by partnering up with established companies so that your presence can be felt through them. Using Siteground coupon codes is a particularly easy and effective way of getting the much-needed credibility especially for new web entrepreneurs. Interactions between different web platforms are picked up by web crawlers as a sign of relevance for the websites involved and thus ranks them higher, making them more visible.

These are some of the many benefits of using Siteground coupon codes that clients can rely on. In addition to these, you will find that the hosting company is very easy to work with as it has a user-friendly interface. The platform also offers effective support on a 24/7 basis through different channels. Siteground has a great speed and uptime, something that many reviewers have indicated in online reviews. Using Siteground will therefore help you make great savings while you benefit from the top-quality services the market has to offer.

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Looking for some Hummingbird facts? Hummingbirds are some of the earlier migrating birds from South America, so you may find them hovering in their favorite summer haunts even before summer arrives!For centuries, these birds have undoubtedly been part of our culture. There are so many Hummingbird facts that it is not easy to choose the most interesting!

Best Hummingbird Facts for Bird Lovers

Eating Like a Hummingbird

Hummingbirds generally feed five to eight times every hour and consume half its weight daily in sugar. Though they eat often, they only eat for between thirty and sixty seconds at a time. In order for the hummingbird to maintain their rates of metabolism, it is almost like if a human being weighing 160 pounds would eat over three hundred pounds of food daily.

Hummingbirds need fat, vitamins, minerals and protein and don’t just live on the sweet stuff. They gain their necessary nutrients by eating nectar and insects. They especially love eating spiders and gnats.

When migrating to Mexico, each bird travels alone. They don’t do migrations in groups. To accomplish this, they need to increase their body weight by fifty percent.

They Never Forget

Hummingbirds never forget a flower. They prefer flowers with the most nectar rather than those with the most color. As a matter of fact, the reason they prefer the color red is because other insects like bees don’t see the color very well. Thus, it makes it easier for them to eat in peace.

Big Brains Small Bodies

Of the warm-blooded animals, hummingbirds are the smallest. In proportion, however, they have the largest brains. Except for being able to perch, their feet are next to useless. Per minute, their hearts beat 1,260 times.

That Humming Sound

Obviously, it is the humming sound of their wings that has given these birds their name. However, you probably did not know that every species of hummingbird makes a different humming wings sound. This is because there are varied rates of speed in which the wings flap for each species. Also, rather than being able to sing songs the way other birds are able to, the wings of a hummingbird are loud enough to alert the surrounding creatures.


The eggs of the hummingbird are the size of jellybeans. At birth, hummingbirds are the size of a bumblebee. These birds produce such tiny babies that a couple can sit easily together on the index finger of an adult human.

Their Color

A hummingbird’s color is the result not of reflections but of refractions. Similar to soap bubbles, the tiny bubbles you find on their feathers cause a refraction of light through both bubble types, thus producing color. In other words, to produce color, there needs to be light shining on the feather bubbles directly.


In flights of courtship, some members of the hummingbird family beat their wings up to two hundred times every second. It is in a figure eight motion that their wings move. They can fly upside down during these times and can hover at a standstill.

Cruising Speed

They dive more than seventy-five miles per hours and cruise at twenty-five miles. As they hover, the wings of a hummingbird beat eighty times each second. When flying normally, each second their wings beat twenty to twenty-five times.